Can I synchronize MyBlueprints with my calendar?

Yes of course! This way, you can truly enjoy the benefits of MyBlueprints scheduling features.

First you will need to add your current calendar to MyBlueprints.

To do so:

  • go to your profile by clicking on your name on the top right corner once you are connected to MyBlueprints
  • click on the calendars Tab
  • click on “add a calendar”
  • you will be re-directed to a pop up with Cronofy which would securely connect your calendar to MyBlueprints
  • there, choose the type of Calendar you would like to add (Google, iCloud etc) and follow the instructions
  • you may connect MyBlueprints with several calendars
  • Once the calendars are connected, you will see them listed under the “Calendars” tab

You can choose to disconnect your calendars to MyBlueprints at any time by simply clicking on the “x” sign next to “sync now” on the calendar you wish to remove.




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