Can I use MyBlueprints offline?

For now, MyBlueprints only exists as a cloud-based system, meaning you can only use the system online for now. We are interested in hearing the reasons why you would need to use MyBlueprints offline though, please drop us an email at support@myblueprints.com.sg, we’ll be happy to have your thoughts and ideas! Talk soon!

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Which types of calendar can I connect with MyBlueprints?

Glad you’ve asked! Right now, we are using Cronofy to help us securely connect any of the calendars you are using with MyBlueprints. The calendars currently supported by Cronofy are: ICloud Google Office 365 Exchange Outlook.com If you are using another type of calendar, please send us an email at support@myblueprints.com.sg and we will check […]

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