Coachee: When you receive a scheduling invitation from your Coach

Your coach can schedule one or multiple sessions with you using MyBlueprints.

You will receive an invitation from your coach by email :

Click on the link – which will bring you on your dedicated invitation page of MyBlueprints

click on “Respond now” and you will access the timeslots available from your coach for a given session

Select the timeslot that works for you and click on “Confirm timeslot”.

you will then receive an email confirming your slot, along with an Ical invite that you can add into your calendar.

Alternatively you can select “No timeslot suits me” and your coach will be alerted to send you alternative timeslots.

PS: These invitations usually have a limited time validity but fret not, if you haven’t chosen a timeslot and the invitation has expired, your coach will be alerted to send you new timeslots!

Enjoy your coaching Powered by MyBlueprints!