Adding a client to MyBlueprints


You can add and invite clients to join MyBlueprints. You then can add those clients to your coaching programs and they will have automatically access to all program and session information.


Adding a client when creating a program

To add a client to your client list, go to the client management page in the left side menu, click on the “+Create” button, enter the name and email address and click on the “Create” button:


If you would like to send out the invitation email to your client right away then tick the checkbox on the left. You can send the invitation at any time from your client management overview.


Adding a client from the client management page

You can add clients while you create a program, by entereing their name and email in Step 2 of the program creation process:


Here aswell you have the option to invite your client right away or send the invitation email at any time from your client management overview.