Coachee: Sign up in MyBlueprints


You are working with a Coach using MyBlueprints and he invites you to access your coaching program on MyBlueprints platform.

You as coachee receives an email from MyBlueprints with a sign up link (please check your spam and junk email!)

By clicking in the link, you will access the sign up page where you can enter your information :

Name, email (this has been pre- entered by your coach), password, City, Country, contact number and timezone. The location information will be used when scheduling meetings with your Coach.

Once you click on “sign up now” you will receive the following message and you can start using MyBlueprints as the support tool for your coaching by just clicking on “Let’s start” !

Go to the Overview page in the left side menu, you will see the program created by your Coach for you.

by clicking on the title of the program, you will access its content and details.

Enjoy your coaching powered by MyBlueprints!